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"How early can my artist join their Zoom class?"

You can join in as early as need be, to help your student login and have everything set up. All our Zoom classes have wait rooms for our participants, and the instructor will let everyone into the class about 5-1 minute before the official class start time.


"What if I have to miss a class? Can I make that up at another time?"

Inspyr Arts must receive notice via phone (voicemail or text is ok) or email of an absence in order to be eligible for a make-up class or makeup credit.


Parents have the choice to reschedule the class right away, or to claim a make-up credit to hold on the artist's account. Please note that make-up credits expire after 1 year.  See FAQ #4 for ,more information.


"What is considered a 'make-up'?"

The “make-up” class is any class scheduled at a time or day other than the student’s regular permanent class. This will enable Inspyr Arts to give their student’s space to another student who needs to do a make-up or try the class. If Inspyr Arts does not receive notification of absence, the student forfeits the opportunity to make-up or prorate the absence. This includes missed make-up classes.


"How many make-ups do I get? How long do they last?"

While you can reschedule at any time, students are limited to claiming a total of 4 make-ups credits per calendar year.  Once a student has received 4 make-up classes, any other classes that you miss, even with prior notice, will forfeit the class for any credit or make-up. Make-ups will expire within 1 year of the original absence. For example, if you received a makeup credit for an absence on 8/24/2020, it'll expire 8/25/2021.


Unused make ups can be turned into gift certificates upon request. Prorating is taking the monetary value of a make-up and deducting it from a month of tuition.


"How do I reserve my child's space in art class or camp?"

If a student would like to reserve a space in a camp, a $50.00 deposit is required at the time the reservation is being made. The student is not guaranteed their space until a deposit is received. Deposits are NON CASH REFUNDABLE, NO EXCEPTIONS. Unused deposits can be used towards any Inspyr Arts services or be given in the form of a Gift Certificate. 

If you are trying to enroll into a class, you can sign up and pay for your class via our Member Connect , or you can handle enrollment with our Office Staff at 562.786.9075 or inspyrartsinfo@gmail.com. Your student's tuition must be paid in order to enroll your student


"What if we can't come to art class anymore?"

Parent must provide e-mailed notice to cancel their student’s enrollment at Inspyr Arts. This is highly recommended for parents with an Auto Bill Pay account.  If we do not receive email notice of a break, we will not be able to document the break on your account and stopping your Auto Bill Pay account and classes will not be guaranteed.  The parent(s) or guardian(s) are responsible for any tuition owed before notice was given.


For example, if you cancel on November 15th, tuition will be be due for any classes before the notice was given.

Inspyr Arts does not offer cash refunds. 


"How does payment and tuition work?"

Tuition is due between the 1st and 10th day of the month using our Automatic Credit Card Billing service (Auto Pay). 

If you enroll online, our Office Staff will reach out to set up Auto Pay for your account. this is required for any and all monthly class registration with Inspyr Arts. Any exceptions must be agreed upon by you and our Office Staff.

Pay for 3 months in advance of art classes and receive 10% off, or pay for 6 months in advance of art classes and get 15% off. Payment must be received by the student's first class of first month for discount to apply. Tuition cannot be prorated or combined with any other discounts or promotions.


"What's the difference between Themed Virtual and Semi-Private Virtual Classes?

Private Sessions:

- Students decide their project of choice based off reference pictures that inspire them

- creative warm up

- technique of the day

- instructor does 1 on 1 technique and drawing demonstrations, specific to student's project

- allows for portfolio or greater skill development in a particular medium

- gallery show

- 1 to 6 teacher to student ratio

- for grades 3rd - 12th

Themed Classes:

- 1 teacher- led project

- creativity warm up & art games

- projects are developed via student feedback and interests

- uses any supplies that students have at home

- instructor shows techniques on how to improve art

- gallery show

- 1 to 20 teacher to student ration

- for grades k - 12th


"What supplies can I use?"

Private Sessions:

- Whatever medium your student wants to learn more about!

- We highly recommend watercolor cakes, tempera / acrylic paints, graphite and color pencil

Themed Classes:

- Whatever you already have at home!

- We highly recommend oil pastels, color pencils, or watercolor paints

Tel: 562-786-9075


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