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Virtual Badge Earning Workshops


$50.00 Flat Rate, due at time of booking to reserve your date and time


(choose a 1 hour time slot

within the time available)

Fridays 2pm - 6pm

Saturdays 9am - 6pm

Event Schedule Example

         1:50 - 2:00pm......... Instructor Starts Zoom Event
         2:00 - 2:05pm.......... Artsy Warm Up / Introductions
         2:05 - 2:55pm.......... Art Project
         2:55 - 3:00pm......... Gallery Show / Zoom Event End

Snack Break

dedicated time for attendees to unmute themselves and socialize. During this time, the instructor turns off their own mic and camera while prepping for the next art activity

Badges That You Can Earn

Art Badge

Painting Badge 

Comic Book Badge

What We Use:

We utilize Zoom for our badge earning workshops. We send out an email invitation with the event link and a password to the parent coordinator

Party Etiquette:

The instructor will have participants muted, so to minimize distracting background noise, and to aid in focus!

Students are welcome to raise their hand or use the chat to talk with the instructor and other artists!

Tel: 562-786-9075


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